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Memory leak in asmb in version

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After upgrading our cluster from GI to GI we had problems due to insufficent memory. Every node has 144 GB memory, 80 GB for SGA, remaining memory for applications. We traced the memory consumption of the applications and noticed two processes growing indefinetely:

oracle 11879 0.1 19.2 33592852 28646580 ? Ss Apr04 47:46 oracle+ASM4_asmb_+asm4 (DESCRIPTION=(LOCAL=YES)(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=beq)))
oracle 11875 0.0 19.5 34051676 29101320 ? Ss Apr04 34:15 asm_asmb_+ASM4

These 2 processes consumed 38% of available memory and kept growing.

We hit the bug described in “SQLPlus 12c Memory usage Grows (Leaks) While Running Long Query (Doc ID 1919000.1)”. The title is misleading, but the solutions given in the Document fixed the issue, asmb’s memory consumption returned to normal and stays at that level.


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