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Standby DB ignores specified diskgroup and creates datafiles in db_create_file_dest

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The issue described here is documented in “Oracle® Data Guard Concepts and Administration 11g Release 2 (11.2)” and not a bug but the intended behaviour. It’s easily overlooked, so it might be worth sharing.

In a tiered storage environment you usually use different diskgroups. We have +FAST for critical data and +SLOW for historical data. If we create a new tablespace or add a new data file to an existing tablespace we have to specify +SLOW for historical data:

create tablespace bla datafile ‘+SLOW’ size 10m;

In the primary database the datafile is correctly created in diskgroup +SLOW but on the standby using standby_file_management=AUTO it will be created in +FAST:

PRIMARY> select file_name from dba_data_files where tablespace_name=’BLA’;


STANDBY> select file_name from dba_data_files where tablespace_name=’BLA’;


Setting db_file_name_convert to whatever values has no effect. If the standby database uses OMF it creates the data files always in db_create_file_dest, no matter what was specified on the primary. There’s no way to change it because it’s the documented and intended behaviour.

This issue is potentially dangerous because different diskgroups may have different performance and/or recovery specifications. If the data files on the standby are created silently in the wrong diskgroup, it could led to a bad surprise after a switchover. Nothing i want 😉

Therefore i decided to drop the usage of db_create_files on databases using multiple diskgroups for data files.

The disadvantage is that you always have to specify the desired diskgroup, but the advantage outweighs this little inconvenience.



  1. hi,

    we also have the same situation, we have three datafile diskgroups (DBDG,HISTDG,ATTACHDG).

    so can we NOT set the db_create_file_dest only at standby. so that we can maintain same file structire as primary. what would be impact and disadvantage.

    Comment by sowfeers — 2018/05/21 @ 07:43 | Reply

  2. alter system set DB_CREATE_FILE_DEST=”

    Comment by sowfeers — 2018/05/21 @ 07:44 | Reply

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