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RDAC Multipath Driver on OEL5 UEK

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RDAC Multipath Driver doesn’t compile out of the box on OEL5 with UEK, at least version 09.03.0C05.0504 doesn’t. But with some minor modifications it does and it even works 🙂 Here’s the patch (due to my or WordPress stupidity i cannot upload plain text files, so you have to remove the extension .doc, it’s actually plain text):





  1. how to you apply the RDAC UEK patch

    Comment by larry becessar — 2012/06/27 @ 14:18 | Reply

    • you apply source code patches with ‘patch’:

      $ cd linuxrdac-09.03.0C05.0504/
      [linuxrdac-09.03.0C05.0504]$ patch -p1 < ../rdac-uek-patch.doc
      patching file mppLnx26p_upper.c
      patching file mppLnx26p_vhba.c

      Comment by datatombraider — 2012/06/27 @ 18:54 | Reply

  2. Thanks owrked like a charm. I had to:
    cp /lib/modules/2.6.18-274.el5/kernel/drivers/usb/host/?hci-hcd.ko \ /lib/modules/2.6.32-200.13.1.el5uek/kernel/drivers/usb/host
    I was able to boot into the MPP Kernel. Is there any gotchas that I need to look out for?

    Comment by larry becessar — 2012/06/27 @ 23:20 | Reply

    • i don’t recall i copied these files, i’m pretty sure i didn’t, but as long as it works ..

      well, it’s completely unsupported, by both IBM and Oracle 🙂 besides that, i’m not aware of any gotchas.

      Comment by datatombraider — 2012/06/28 @ 19:36 | Reply

  3. Dear datatombraider!
    Thanks you very much! It work like a charm with rdac version linuxrdac-09.03.0C05.0504
    but how can we path with rdac version rdac-LINUX-09.03.0C05.0638?

    Comment by mhpit — 2012/07/24 @ 12:50 | Reply

    • i don’t have a OEL installation with UEK available, at least currently. the differences between 504 and 638 aren’t that big. i think rdac-09.03.0C05.0638-uek-patch.doc could work but use it at your own risk. it’s completely untested and unsupported.

      Comment by datatombraider — 2012/07/24 @ 20:17 | Reply

    I have been over every inch of Oracle’s support site and I couldn’t find a fix.
    I just built a RDAC 😀 for .652

    Comment by orc_guy — 2014/02/07 @ 23:16 | Reply

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