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Negative DBID?

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recently i’ve noticed that the RFS process of one of my databases logs a negative DBID:

RFS[1]: Opened log for thread 2 sequence 16 dbid -95040917 branch 733392363

RFS[7]: Selected log 11 for thread 2 sequence 17 dbid -95040917 branch 733392363

Strange but if you’re familiar with coding you probably know the problem called integer overflow (something you don’t want to see in your database software).

It seems Oracle stores the DBID in a 32 bit unsigned integer, so my DB ID can be calculated by adding the reported DBID to 232:

232 = 4.294.967.296 + (-95.040.917) = 4.199.926.379

which happens to be my correct DBID:

SQL> select dbid from v$database;

Storing a 16-digit DBID in a 10-digit number seems to be a bad idea, hopefully it happens only for displaying or logging purposes 🙂


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