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GI PSU 2 for 11.2 does not patch GI files

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While setting up a new RAC i’ve noticed that ohasd doesn’t use the configured memlock limit. It’s a known bug supposed to be fixed by the PSU 2, unfortunately this PSU has an issue which prevents opatch from patching the GI files.

The patch copy the files to crs/sbs/ (see 9655006/etc/config/actions.xml):

crs/sbs” file_name=”crs/sbs/init.ohasd”/>

so far so good but function instantiate_scripts/() in crs/install/, called by instantiates the files using crs/sbs/*.sbs. but these sbs files are old because the new files don’t have the extension ‘sbs’. so basically opatch copies the new files but they will never by used because always uses *.sbs files for instantiation.
The issue is described in Bug 10119895: “PSU2 9655006 DOESN’T UPDATE /ETC/INIT.D/OHASD AND /ETC/INIT.D/INIT.OHASD PROPERLY” and Oracle kindly put my workaround in Doc ID 1257924.1: “Grid Infrastructure Patch Does not Update Files in $GRID_HOME/crs/sbs Including init.ohasd.”

But Instead of fiddling around with the GI files in production i started afresh with 🙂


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