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GI installation using AU_SIZE=4M for the initial disk group

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The GI installer doesn’t let you choose an au_size for the initial disk group. Usually i create disk groups with au_size=4M instead of the default 1M.

While it’s easy to use a temporary disk group for the installation and move OCR and voting disks to a 4M disk group afterwards, moving the ASM spfile is a little bit trickier because of GPNP. But there’s a workaround, unsupported of course.

just install the GI software but before running on the install node change GI/install/ on this node after making a backup:

—        2010-08-20 18:13:18.000000000 +0200
+++    2010-09-21 13:54:04.000000000 +0200
@@ -9073,6 +9073,10 @@
push @runasmca, ‘-redundancy’, $CFG->params(‘ASM_REDUNDANCY’);

+  if (isFirstNodeToStart()) {
+    push @runasmca, ‘-au_size’, 4;
+  }
if ($CFG->params(‘ASM_DISCOVERY_STRING’)) {
push @runasmca, ‘-diskString’, “‘$ASM_DISCOVERY_STRING'”;

Then run on all nodes, the disk group will be created with au_size=4M. After that revert the change.

I’ve opened ER #10136487 which is still under review by Oracle development.

Update: ER has been implemented in


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